SCREW CLAY. The guy came here to steal our team. Since Day 1 he had every intention of taking The Sonics to Oklahoma and that stinks.

This is not to disparage the good people of Oklahoma but this is OUR TEAM.

I grew up in Seattle ; Stevens Elementary, Meany Middle School , Garfield High School . Throughout my years here I have enjoyed following the “Supes”. I watched the ’79 Finals on a little B&W TV in my step-mom’s apartment (the same one where they filmed “Singles”) and I remember at the age of nine cheering my little lungs out for Gus, Jack, Downtown, DJ, #8 Lonnie Shelton and the rest. I remember the cheering and the honking horns and I thought, “Damn, this is cool.”

Cool it was and it got a heck of a lot better in the 90’s when the Sonics were one of the best teams in the NBA year in and year out. The playoffs seemed to be an annual given and The Key was freaking ROCKING game after game! Thousands of casual and serious fans had a LOT to cheer about in those days and it was an environment ripe for enjoyment. All sorts of folks; black, white, brown, women and men, boys and girls… we were all in it together, slapping hands and having a damn good time while cheering on one of the NBA’s finest. Watching highlights of GP and the Reign Man still gives me the shivers.

That passion has been lacking lately with a team of zero all-stars but that is part of being a rebuilding team. And guess what? I was at the Key for the game against the Nuggets on April 6 and you know, the Key was once again one hell of an exciting place. My eleven-year-old darn near shouted her head off and it was a place of magic where strangers clap hands and 19-year-old kids drain distant threes.

It can happen again people. The magic comes and goes in waves and with Green and Durant combining for 70 points we are reminded that good things come from teams like this. One more high lottery pick, a few years added to our sparse veterans and where do you think this team is going to be 3-4 years from now??? Hell yes, back in the playoffs, over and over again! Strangers stopping strangers, just to shake their hands. Everybody’s playing in the green and gold band! Go SONICS!

And now where is it all going to go? Away from Seattle? The Sonics are Seattle’s oldest pro sports team. They’ve been a fixture in this town for FORTY freaking years! They’ve been around for a full quarter of the history of Seattle . They are as much a part of the city as the Space Needle under which they have played for much of their time here. And some guy from Oklahoma wants to take them away from us? Some punk who says that we can’t come up with an adequate arena to house his luxury suites and shopping malls? Some lying sleezeball who told the people of Seattle when he bought the team that he would really try to make things work in this town… when all the while he was greasing the gears to move them back east? Some Northwest Division we’d be left with…

That sucks. If the Sonics are to leave Seattle let them run themselves out of town, let’s not let a guy from 2,000 miles away come and steal this team with his lies and his ever-so-cuddly relationship with David Stern. Screw that guy. Screw Clay.

You want a Screw Clay shirt? I’ve had them down at the Key but now the season is over and who knows if we’ll get more games there. Buy a shirt. Wear a shirt. Go show it off. Tell the world what you think. Thanks y’all.